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30 Nov 2015

Teachers at “chaotic” free school vote unanimously to strike after over-stressed and anxious colleague collapses in front of class and para-medics have to be called.
Local MP expresses concern and demands answers about misuse of public funds.

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23 Jan 2015

Aldridge Foundation academies have been in the news. In the last few months the head of one of their academies has been suspended and forced out alongside reports of poor inspection grades and financial problems.

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20 Dec 2014

The DFE has lifted expansion ban on ATT despite the fact that of their 9 academies inspected since they became ATT academies 7 require improvement and 2 are good. They are now looking to expand.

We look at their record

17 Dec 2014

This week the Don Valley Academy has gone into special measures. It is sponsored by the School Partnership Trust Academies. This organisation has been running academies since 2009, so before any new school is allowed to be run by them, surely someone somewhere looks at their record? They run 41 schools, the latest being 5 schools running from September 2014.


16 Dec 2014

The headline ‘Status does not make a difference’ is not true. Schools that have stayed with the local authority are showing a long-term trend of improvement, whilst the shine is coming off the academies programme.

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