18 Sep 2013

An Academic Debate?
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An investigation into how the cost of the government’s academy schools programme went from nominal to astronomical and an assessment …

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13 Sep 2013

There is little variation in the performance of maintained schools in England once the characteristics of their pupils are taken into account.

That is one of the key conclusions of a research review published today (September 9) by the education research charity RISE. Its author, Will Cook, found that the strongest determinants of variation in pupil attainment are at the level of the individual pupil and the family and that there is a limit to what can be done to break those links with interventions directed at whole school improvement.


11 Aug 2013

The Department for Education has finally, after 18 months, released the amount paid to Katharine Birbalsingh’s attempt to set up a “free” school, firstly in Lambeth and then in Wandsworth. It has so far cost the tax payer £168,339.64, and there is still no sign of a school.


18 Jul 2013

Comparing the 136 Ofsted reports for converted academies published in June with the last full Ofsted report for the predecessor school


10 Jul 2013

Research from AAA’s Jane Eades on “free” schools and Ofsted

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