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Growing problems with the Academies programme

If you listen to Michael Gove and some of the press you would think that the Academy programme has been an unbridled success. Yet the reality is that there is not a month that goes by without more problems hitting Academies and ‘Free’ Schools. We list just some of the recent problems.

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Fool’s Gold: the ‘Free’ Schools experiment unravels

From the outset education campaigners argued that ‘Free’ schools were a potentially devastating development. Now that ‘free’ schools have existed for a couple of years the gloss is starting to come off Gove’s shiny new toy. This article looks at the developments in the ‘free’ schools.

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Education Beyond the Coalition: Reclaiming the Agenda

‘An important contribution to the debate all teachers want and need to have about what education is for’
Christine Blower General Secretary National Union of Teachers

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Educating the British – Gove, Choice and Free Schools

By Professor Gus John
Much has been made about the spat between deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and education secretary Michael Gove regarding the latter’s plan to liberate Free Schools and increase their numbers by authorising them to employ non-qualified teachers and set their own curriculum. Michael Gove will have us believe that in order to raise standards and improve school effectiveness such that Britain can outshine its G8 neighbours in economic competitiveness, schools and those who run them should be ‘free’ from the shackles of locally elected representatives of the people whom we charge with the responsibility to ensure that every child matters and that there is a good school for every child in every community, capable of delivering to every child their educational entitlement in accordance with International Human Rights Law.

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Education, Justice and Democracy – The Struggle over Ignorance and Opportunity

By Stephen J Ball FBA AcSS
Karl Mannheim Professor of Sociology of Education
The history of English education is very much a history of social class. The 1944 Education Act, the wartime government’s response to the great evil of ignorance, did little to interrupt that history. Rather it brought about a very modest loosening of the relationship between social class and educational opportunity. This was partly in relation to the raising of the school leaving age and partly by allowing some working class students access to grammar schooling via the 11+ examination system

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