Clive Lewis AAA meeting
8 Oct 2015

Pupils in sponsored and converter academies make no greater progress compared to pupils in similar maintained schools

30 Sep 2015

Local Schools Network’s data guru Henry Stewart takes apart the myths surrounding academies.
Video and link to data.

28 Sep 2015

Henry Stewart
This article is a summary of many of my articles analysing the performance of sponsored academies. Feel free to use and distribute this as you wish. As the Education and Adoption Bill goes to the Lords, this facts indicate how destructive its forced academisation could be.

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6 Apr 2015

David Cameron’s announcement that the Tories will expand their free schools programme is an illustration of the bankruptcy of neo-liberal politics – or what, in education, we call the ‘GERM’ – the Global Education Reform Movement.


la and academy ofsted comparison
12 Dec 2014

For the Anti Academies Alliance, Ofsted is not the final arbiter on the quality of education and it has been much criticised for its role in the academisation of schools. However this week’s data is yet further proof that the programme is not working and must be stopped until a full inquiry into education can be held.

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