7 Mar 2016

Jess Edwards, Joint Secretary Lambeth NUT
Last month saw the passing of the Education and Adoption Bill and as some commentators have said this is a dark day for education.
The Bill will force more schools to become academies but is based on scant evidence. In fact even the Education Committee of parliament finds little to recommend about academies saying that
There is at present no convincing evidence of the impact of academy status on attainment in primary schools.

4 Feb 2016

By Jess Edwards, Lambeth NUT Joint Branch Secretary
It is widely believed that the government plan to bring forward a white paper that will force all schools to become academies.

10 Jan 2016

Please sign this important petition to stop academisation at Small Heath school and calling for an end to the victimisation of the NUT rep, Simon o’Hara who has been suspended after leading strike action.

6 Apr 2015

GERM is the name given to the global attack on our education systems. This attack is highly contagious and is spreading rapidly. It is an acronym created by the renowned Finnish Professor of Education, Dr Pasi Sahlberg and it stands for Global Education reform Movement. We are fighting GERM warfare.

8 Mar 2015

David Cameron is set to announce the expansion of the free School program with proposals for a further 153 free schools. This article brings together some of the recent examples of free school problems.


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