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21 May 2013

Guest Post from @Brixtonite
In 2002 Jo Shuter took over Quintin Kynaston School in St John’s Wood, north London. Her appointment wasn’t popular with everyone – 100 staff left in her first year, 70 in the first term – but despite such a high staff turnover (which might have raised eyebrows elsewhere) she soon acquired the unofficial title of ‘superhead’ and the approving eye of Tony Blair, who used the school to launch his Children’s Services Green Paper in 2003.

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18 Mar 2013

Data collected by the NUT shows that as of 1st February 2013 there are 2613 (46%) secondary academies and 997 (6%) primary academies. It is difficult to assess the current rate of conversion. Has it increase or declined? Cyclical factors mean monthly conversion rates are difficult to assess. But whatever the rate, it is clear that academy conversion remains the government flagship – and only – ‘school improvement’ strategy.

10 Jan 2013

The Academies Commission report is yet another independent report that has exposed the myths behind academy status.
It has pointed out that academies are not a panacea for school improvement. It has identified worrying patterns of covert selection and it warns that the likely outcome is entrenched inequality.

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16 Sep 2011

As at 30 June 2011 there were around 260 people (full time equivalents) in the Department for Education engaged directly in work on policy development and programme delivery related to Academy schools.


14 Sep 2011

As a new school term gets well underway for parents and children across the country, the debate surrounding ‘free schools’ has split public opinion