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5 Oct 2013

For immediate release:
Tweets from today’s National Governors Association NGA conference suggest that Stephen Twigg, Shadow Secretary of State for Education,  in a marked shift in …


26 Sep 2013

Rumour has it that policy wonks in the DfE are hard at work on how to manage “market failures”.
Indeed the number of failing academies is soaring. But then ‘failure’ is hardwired into a system of rationed exam success, the ever-changing goalpost of OFSTED and unbridled greed of ‘social entrepreneurs’ who now claim they have a special responsibility to transform education. Peter Hyman – pass the sick bucket please.

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19 Sep 2013

Staff at Gloucester Academy are concerned about the management of their school. The AAA was contacted anonymously this week after teachers were told that Head teacher, John Reilly, had ‘stepped down’. This being an academy, they were too frightened to speak out publicly. They believe Reilly was sacked and they have no faith in Prospects their academy sponsor.


21 Jun 2013

By Alasdair Smith
Stephen Twigg has made some important moves in the right direction this week – re asserting that every child should have a qualified teacher is perhaps the most important – but there remains a hesitancy to tackle the corrosive legacy of Gove’s market reforms. Twigg seems to content merely to tweak Gove’s system. But is that enough?

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21 May 2013

Guest Post from @Brixtonite
In 2002 Jo Shuter took over Quintin Kynaston School in St John’s Wood, north London. Her appointment wasn’t popular with everyone – 100 staff left in her first year, 70 in the first term – but despite such a high staff turnover (which might have raised eyebrows elsewhere) she soon acquired the unofficial title of ‘superhead’ and the approving eye of Tony Blair, who used the school to launch his Children’s Services Green Paper in 2003.

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