3 Jul 2015

The Anti-Academies Alliance (AAA) are delighted to announce that their new patron is the MP for Norwich South, Clive Lewis.
Clive is a well established broadcast journalist and was previously BBC eastern region’s chief political reporter. He is a seasoned campaigner who used his maiden speech in the House of Commons to speak out passionately against the forced academisation of Hewett School…


1 May 2015

As well as legal action, there has been a huge movement in the US against Pearson and their involvement in high stakes testing. In some schools over 50% of parents have refused to allow their children to be tested. One leading financial magazine recently asserted “Standardized testing seems to many to have become the goal of education, rather than a means of implementing it”.


18 Mar 2015

16 Mar 2015

Free Schools

David Cameron has announced the expansion of the Free Schools programme should the Conservatives win the general election on May 7th. The ‘research’ used to justify the expansion was put together by Policy Exchange, the right wing think tank founded by Michael Gove, described by Dr Becky Allen of London’s Institute of Education as data mining, has been pulled apart……