30 Sep 2015

Local Schools Network’s data guru Henry Stewart takes apart the myths surrounding academies.
Video and link to data.

29 Sep 2015

Video of Clive Lewis MP, Kevin Courtney and Henry Stewart from the AAA meeting at Labour Party Conference
Winning back our schools. Tuesday 29 September 5.30pm. With Clive Lewis MP, Lou Haigh MP, Henry Stewart, Ralph Berry.

28 Sep 2015

Henry Stewart
This article is a summary of many of my articles analysing the performance of sponsored academies. Feel free to use and distribute this as you wish. As the Education and Adoption Bill goes to the Lords, this facts indicate how destructive its forced academisation could be.

26 Sep 2015

Many people enthused by the Jeremy Corbyn and coming into the fight against the establishment will have had experience of fighting austerity or fighting against the war.
They may not have much experience of the arguments around education however. The first step is to understand where we are and secondly what the progressive arguments against the break up of our education system that the academies programme represents are. We have compiled some essential reading.