11 Dec 2015

If a school is deemed to be ‘failing’ then what should we do? The only answer is that the school must be academised, preferably by an academy chain with a ‘track record’, like Harris or Ark. So where would we imagine their academies would be in the league tables?

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27 Oct 2015

The Education and Adoption Bill 2015-16 will enable the secretary of state to, through her regional schools commissioners, to require ‘coasting’ schools to convert to become sponsored academies. Governors who oppose these measures will be removed. In practice, before the passage of this bill, a number of schools, academy trusts and DfE academy ‘brokers’ may have ignored the provisions of the 2010 Academies Act, which required all schools proposing to convert, forced or not, to consult parents.

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24 Oct 2015

The Griffin Schools Trust, whose accounts show that it breached financial guidelines in 11 different ways in 2013, has paid more than £700,000 to a company wholly owned by its joint chief executives, Liz Lewis and Ange Tyler, over the past two financial years.


21 Oct 2015

Commenting on Nicky Morgan’s attack on those in their community who campaign against academisation, including forced academisation, Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said…