22 Mar 2016

The announcement has been made that there will be legislation unveiled in the budget to turn every school in England into an academy independent of local authority control .
Links to documents that say why this is not a good idea. With new article by Matthew Bennett, The Schools Business


21 Mar 2016

‘Something must be done!’ cry the Tories saying our children are languishing in ‘failing council-run’ schools . And their ‘something’ is privatisation – the academisation of every single school in England.

21 Mar 2016

Hands Off Our Schools
No Forced Academies
Wed 23 March 5pm
Westminster Cathedral, Victoria St
March To DfE, Rally 6:30

20 Mar 2016

Anti-Academies Alliance Press Release
20 March 2016 2pm

The public have spoken – they want an inquiry into academies!
The Anti-Academies Alliance is delighted that our petition for …

17 Mar 2016

The petition petition to oppose all schools being turned into academies has gathered 55,ooo signatures in just over a day! Get everyone you know to sign.

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