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Affiliate to the Anti Academies Alliance: Oppose the privatisation of state education and help build a National Campaign for Education –

The AAA remains resolutely opposed to the Academies Programme. We are not against the children, parents or teachers who go to academy schools, but we are opposed to the politicians and big businesses that have used academy conversion and free schools to help privatise and deregulate state education.

Nearly 10 years on, it is now clear that our central argument – that the academies programme was about privatisation – has been vindicated. But much worse could be on the horizon, unless we fight hard. Although the sacking of Gove was a victory, it is clear that there are significant forces who want to continue his direction of travel and some who want to take it further with the ‘profit motive’ running our schools.

As Finnish education expert Pasi Salhberg calls it, ‘GERM’ – The Global Education Reform Movement – is spreading like a virus across the world’s education systems. The proponents of GERM have established a hegemonic position in many policy areas. There are also a range of other concerns: the shortage of school places, a shortage of teachers and a possible financial crisis. This requires a new, united campaign for education.

The Anti Academies Alliance wants to work with school staff, parents, educationalists, those opposing privatisation and austerity measures and other campaigns to build a new National Campaign for Education that puts forward an entirely different vision of education than GERM. We support a comprehensive, democratic and progressive vision of education that has social justice and high quality at its heart.

We need your support in this new phase of our work. Of course we will continue to fight local campaigns where parents and teachers choose to do so. We will also continue to criticise national policy issues such as the disastrous free school policy. But we recognise that a new broader approach is required.

That’s why we’re asking you to affiliate, or renew your affiliation, to the Anti Academies Alliance. Your affiliation will enable us to maintain the Anti Academies Alliance website, post success campaign stories and comment, distribute regular e bulletins and print leaflets.

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Affiliation costs

The AGM voted to increase affiliation fees for unions, but to keep other fees the same.  Individuals are encouraged to make a small monthly standing order.

Trade Unions organisations: £400 national, £200 district and £50 local.
Parent & other organisations: £50 national, £25 district and £10 local;
Individual membership: £5

How to pay

Method 1) You can pay using a debit or credit card by clicking our PayPal button below.

Affiliation rates


Method 2) If you would rather pay by standing order, please download our standing order form.

Return forms to

Anti Academies Alliance
PO Box 5408
BN50 8HB

(Cheques payable to Anti Academies Alliance.)

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