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Wednesday 9 May 2012

What do the LAs think?

From Nicola:

What is the Local Authorities’ position on academies? Ultimately they would lose staff especially if academies do their own admissions – or have I got that wrong?

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  1. Imac said:

    Interesting question. Most LEAs now LAs are contracting at a rapid rate. Many people will be slipping into the trusts or small companies that service the trusts with the hope or enticement of lucrative pickings from the public purse I expect. There is a limited pool of people who have the range of skills that will be necessary to service schools. It will I guess turn public servants into the competitors of private practice. They will of course improve, instantly, those basic skills they learned from years of practice in schools as teachers and advisers, once they are in business.
    The interesting thing is the forced academies, I believe senior members of LAs were involved in the identifying of the schools in Gove’s list. The selling of the family jewels cheap. I guess they did not recognise that these schools were supertankers on the turn. There is a lot of wreckage from a supertanker when it is sunk.

    14 May 2012 at 3:56pm

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