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Thursday 19 January 2012

Forced Academies Funding

From Jenny Day:

Will schools that are forced to become academies receive the £25,000 blood money upon conversion?

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  1. Janet said:

    Who knows? The whole policy is so impulsive that I don’t suppose the DfE have thought this through.

    They may be planning to make LAs pay in the way that they are intending to do with the land they take from LA schools to give to academies.

    Or they may be planning to save their money to bail out the many academies now financially – as well as academically – failing. The Financial Times reminds us that 8 secondary academies have just been bailed out to the tune of nearly £11 million.


    19 January 2012 at 12:24pm
  2. David Moore said:

    The £25 k is to cover legal costs and will probably be spent as such. The true blood money is the funding taken off the LEA to fund core services and given to the school.

    Check out the depart of educ website where BArclays bank are courting the new schools with offers and trying to get their staff on the governing boards.

    27 January 2012 at 1:16pm

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