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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Exclusions and admissions

From Roy:

One of the scare tactics being used to convince staff and governors to allow the school where I work to be converted to academy status is that if every other school in the borough becomes an academy and we don’t, then we would have to take all the excluded pupils from those academies. Can you refer me to any articles/data which can be used to counter this (rather insidious) argument?

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  1. Alasdair said:

    It is nonsense – you don’t need data just the admissions procedure for schools in the local area. There is no way a school can be forced to take other schools’ excluded kids unless there is agreement. If the school had falling rolls than there may be pressure to take on extra students but they cannot be forced.

    It is nothing more than a scare tactics! You should demand a proper, informed debate. We are happy to provides speakers.

    25 March 2012 at 2:03am
  2. A Governor said:

    1. The Governments’ policy is obviously to make all schools Academies … very quickly. Once this is achieved, Local Authority Education Departments will be surplus to requirements and will be disbanded.
    2. Academy sponsors have now been made exempt charities, they don’t have to publish their accounts.
    3. Academies are their own admissions authority so can select their students.
    QUESTION: Once all the schools are academies, selecting who they want and rejecting who they don’t want, who’ll take those children that ‘don’t make the grade’?
    QUESTION: At the moment, the Local Authority monitors ALL children of compulsory school age within their Authority, making sure they are in education, what happens to this function when the local Education Department is no more? (I know the answer to this, they will be ‘lost’ from the system … ripe for the children traffickers!)
    QUESTION: Now Academy sponsors don’t have to publish their accounts, what will stop them from ‘skimming the cream’ at the detriment of the children?
    QUESTION: There is a case awaiting prosecution of a Headteacher who tried to force Academy status on his school in order to hide the serious fraud and corruption going on … what’s to stop these Academy chains from undertaking these practices?
    QUESTION: What or who is going to oversee financial propriety in these Academy chains / sponsors?
    QUESTION: Who’s going to be responsible for child protection when the local Education Department disappears?
    Rushed jobs usually end in tears … but whose tears will they be?

    28 March 2012 at 10:32pm
  3. Stanleyjunior said:

    I agree with Alisdair. Additionally, the LA is required to have a Fair Access Protocol which should prevent a school having to take more than its fair share of hard to place pupils.

    4 April 2012 at 11:54pm

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