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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Academy accountability

From Maggie P:

The school in question is an Academy.  However there is no Sponsor – the Head is a Director, as is a Governor and another person – three Directors in total.  The Head has recently had legal action taken against them for mistreatment of a member of staff and the member of staff was successful.  Who is accountable in terms of the reporting of the Head’s wrong doing? Can this Head be reported to Michael Gove?  What action can be taken against them?

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  1. Jane said:

    This problem underlines one of the problems with academies. There is an academy trust, which appoints the governors and which will be an exempt charity, although it may be that the trustees are the same people as the governors.

    You could try contacting the local councillors or council. Although they have no legal powers, they may be prepared to make a fuss. However, yes, my understanding is that ultimately Michael Gove (or Department of Education officials) is the person who can take action. Although others may know better!

    1 March 2012 at 7:46pm
  2. Tim Rose said:

    The lack of accountability of Academies’ Headteachers is a major worry. Sir Robert Woodard Academy in West Sussex recently failed its Ofsted and was put in Special Measures as a direct result of the mismanagement and alleged financial impropriety by Carole Bailey, the Principal. Although the academy’s sponsors, the Woodard Trust, are the largest faith educational charity in England, they totally failed to step in and only got round to escorting the Principal off the premises and parachuting in a so-called Super-head after the damage had been done.
    So regrettably having a sponsor is no guarantee against unaccountable academy Heads.

    3 March 2012 at 11:07am

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