Before 2010

This is archive material from before the 2010 general election, when the Conservatives came to power. We have kept it for reference, but please remember that it refers to policies and events under the previous Labour government.

Saturday 21 October 2006

Privatization and sponsorship: the re-agenting of the school system in England

Hatcher, R. (2006) Privatisation and sponsorship: the re-agenting of the school system in England. Journal of Education Policy 21 (5) 599-619.


In this article I use the concept of ‘re-agenting’ to explore and explain the role of non-state agencies, principally private companies and business entrepreneurs, as key instruments in the government’s transformation of the school system in England. Their role takes both for-profit and not-for-profit forms. The outsourcing to private companies of the implementation of government education policies and the delivery of educational services to schools and local authorities has created a profitable market. Equally significant is the growing involvement of the private sector in schools through the sponsorship of specialist schools and Academies on a non-profit basis.

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