‘We will scrap Ofsted’: Labour makes radical election pledge

Labour is pledging to abolish Ofsted and end “high stakes” school inspections as part of radical plans drawn up before a possible snap election.

Pledging to scrap Ofsted will cause huge debate. While some teaching unions have campaigned for the move, the inspectorate has denied a claim by Angela Rayner, the shadow education secretary, that it is biased against schools with more socially deprived intakes.

In an interview with the Observer today, Rayner said that England’s schools inspectors were fuelling a crisis in teacher recruitment and failing to give parents an accurate account of school standards.

“We would abolish Ofsted and we would replace it with a different system,” she said. “I believe Ofsted measures poverty. It measures deprivation. It doesn’t measure excellence. And I think Ofsted has to measure excellence. It’s driving these competitive league tables.


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