Former ‘superhead’ Liam Nolan guilty of misconduct

Former “superhead” Liam Nolan has been found guilty of unprofessional conduct for receiving a “second salary” while head of the now-defunct Perry Beeches Academy Trust.

Mr Nolan looked impassive as the judgement was read out at a tribunal in Coventry, where he stood accused of dishonest conduct and a lack of integrity in relation to £160,000 of payments he received while chief executive of the trust.

“The panel is satisfied that Mr Nolan is guilty of unacceptable professional conduct,” said chair William Brown.

“Mr Nolan’s actions constitute conduct that may bring the profession into disrepute.”

A 2016 investigation by the Education Funding Authority revealed the trust had paid almost £1.3 million to Nexus Schools Ltd without following proper procedures.

Nexus then paid Mr Nolan £160,000 over two years through his company, Liam Nolan Ltd, on top of his £120,000 annual salary.


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