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    This government has only one goal, to segregate the working classes from the elite through education.

  2. Lucy Waterman says:

    I am not in favour of our school becoming an academy. Just as every child matters and is different, so every school matters and should not be forced into academy status. This is not democracy nor is it done with the support of the unions who represent us. If you are looking for another PR disaster as in the junior doctors dispute, you are going about it the right way.

  3. Paul Tyzack says:

    What democracy do we live in when this Government forces a change like this without any authority or reason.

  4. dave thorley says:

    nothing surprises me anymore regards to the contempt that this Government has towards the public sector -if they had their way everything would be privatised with all working for the minimum wage -deregulising teaching profession, medical profession, social work and the list keeps growing -all the while lining their own pockets with increased salaries!

  5. Christine Anderson says:

    A dangerous move to take all schools out of LEA control and make them Academies. I have just seen the trouble one school is having trying to resolve the problem of their salaries where they have had to resort to strike action to get paid.Nepotism can thrive unchallenged in such situations and many more risky situations.

  6. David and Joan Fryer says:

    This proposal is anti-democratic and takes no recognition of the views of the local electorate in these education authority districts. By the electorate, we mean, not only parents but non parents and grandparents who should be concerned about sustained and increasing attack on local democracy by this backward looking and despicable Conservative government who are only interested in ideology/political dogma. All of which has been dreamt up behind closed doors over the past 40 years by right wing politicians led by the late Margaret Thatcher and Keith Joseph and their descendents who are hell bent on the destruction in total of public services and replacing it with some lunatic idea about a ‘free market’ economy which has been proved to be an unmitigated disaster. These ideas should be opposed vigorously by everybody who values local democracy and indeed democracy in our political system local or otherwise. These people are dangerous and a menace to the future political freedom of this nation.

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