Wednesday 21 October 2015

Downhills Parents Respond to Accusations

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Lord Bigwig Downhills

Downhills parents and kids occupy a Harris carpet shop for storytime – The Story of Lord Bigwig

DfE attacks parents – statement from parents of the Save Downhills campaign

The DfE have released an extraordinary press release reported in the TES attacking parents who oppose academies. Downhills parents respond below. 

As parents from the Save Downhills Campaign we thought we’d grown immune to insults, but the DfE and Harris Federation have plumbed new depths by insinuating that we physically attacked the school.

Are they referring to the commemorative plaque unveiled after the school was academised?  see here The Save Downhills Campaign was made up of ordinary mums and dads.  We were the PTA; we baked cakes and helped at the school’s barbecues.  Perhaps it suits the Harris Federation and DfE to portray us as hardened political campaigners so that they can vilify our views.

We were astonished at the vitriol Michael Gove threw at us during the 2012 campaign  see here and we cannot believe that the DfE and their friends in the big academy chains are continuing this diatribe just because ordinary parents dared to voice their opinions.  We spoke out because we liked our children’s school – which was already improving – and we were concerned about the future of our children’s education.  And we were right to speak out.  Far from the rosy picture  painted by Sir Dan Moynihan of Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane, the Academy has shut down specialist provision for the neediest children and now has 60% of its teachers leaving each year.  see here 

Response from NUT’s Kevin Courtney

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  1. Luci Davin (@elkiedee) said:

    Harris have also consistently refused to work with the children’s centre link site which had to close; before 2012 it ran some of the best baby and toddler groups and support for parents in the area.

    22 October 2015 at 8:36pm