Saturday 26 September 2015

Evidence piles up against against academies.

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CDLgnNPWAAIkhfI.jpg-largeMany people enthused by the Jeremy Corbyn and coming into the fight against the establishment will have had experience of fighting austerity or fighting against the war.

They may not have much experience of the arguments around education however. The first step is to understand where we are and the progressive arguments against the break up of our education system that the academies programme represents. Try as they might the government with all the resources at its disposal have not been able to show that the academy programme has improved education. We have compiled some essential reading. All of it is very accessible even the reports! Some of them have excellent graphs and tables that make the reasoning clear. Some of the documents below have further reading lists at the end and links to primary sources.


Essential background reading.

Barely under Control: Jenny Turner on the privatisation of schools

Free Schools: Dawn Foster

The Schools Privatisation Project

Reports, including facts and figures with conclusions drawn. These documents are all very well written with good readable graphics.

A Guide to Regional Schools Commissioners

Academies: It’s time to learn the lessons

Academies and maintained schools: what do we know?

A Guide to the Evidence on Academies

What works in enabling school improvement? The role of the middle tier

Slightly more Academically written Reports

Sutton Trust Report – Chain effects

Government report that fails to find evidence for efficacy of academies

Academies and Free Schools – Education Select Committee Report

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