Toby Young’s Free School loses second Head teacher

toby young

The West London Free School, spearheaded by Toby Young, who has written a book on how to set up a free school, has just lost its second Head teacher in its short history.

The reasons for the departure are not being revealed, but for a Head to leave mid term suggests that things were not going well. Parents at the free school have apparently contributed £70,000 to school the  fund from monthly donatons. In many state schools, you struggle to raise anything over £1,000 for school fund. It shows the level of wealth of the parental cohort. If you look at the governing body it is striking how many work for finance companaies. The new CEO and chair of the trust, Cosmo Lush works for a high level recrutiment agency, finding CEOs for companies including those woking in the lucrative education sector.


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