Thursday 15 May 2014

Jo Shuter, Academy Superhead, faces lifetime ban from teaching

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This week Jo Shuter was suspended from her current role and given a lifetime ban on teaching unsupervised after being found guilty of inappropriate conduct at a hearing. Jo Shuter was parachuted into Pimlico school in 2007, charged with the project of turning it into an academy. This was opposed fiercely by staff unions and by parents. Here is a reminder of the furore at the time as the school was handed to Tory donor Lord Nash:

Jo Shuter moved on from Quintin Kynaston last year and was made Head at King Solomon school in Redbridge despite the fact that expenses irregularities had been discovered. She is now suspended from the school.

Here is the story we posted about the case last year:

And the story as it has been reported in the media:

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