Free School project in turmoil

AAA free schools briefing

The free school programme has now become mired in a new scandal and is making headline news. Recent headlines have included such phrases such as ‘Gove, an obsessed zealot’ and ‘Gove accused of lunacy’ as the story emerged that Gove overturned plans to spend £400 intended for basic needs funding to prop up the free schools programme. There is now talk of an £800m black hole due to the free schools programme. Lib Dems and Tories are attacking each other openly over the issue. We call on politicians, parents, governors, teachers and support staff to ask that this programme is stopped in its tracks and a public inquiry is held. The programme is clearly failing on many fronts and is now taking money directly from funds meant to increase places, to open schools often where there are surplus places. It is a national scandal and must be stopped now.

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