Gove nicked our schools and handed them to his mates

“Since Gove took over – schools all over England failing, free schools being shut down, academy companies being stripped of control of schools

Absolute CHAOS – so why did Gove deliberately create such chaos

Each time a school becomes an academy the council must hand over the title deeds for the school if it has them (avg value £5m per school)

As over 2,000 schools have been forced to become academies that is £10 billion (min) state assets Michael Gove has demanded the title deeds be handed to him

I wrote an FOI request to Michael Gove’s department and asked him where are the title deeds to England’s schools

After 3 months he still refused to answer – I had to involve the information commissioner who wrote and demanded they answer within 10 days

And now we find out why Michael Gove did not want to answer

the reply I got

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