Academy chain E-Act loses control of 10 schools

 One of England’s biggest academy chains is giving up control of 10 schools amid concern over its standards, as campaigners say it is more evidence of why academies should be Ofsted inspected.eact

E-Act is losing control of the 10 schools after Ofsted inspections revealed weaknesses in some E-Act schools’ teaching standards.

The charity was investigated last year over its finances, and its then managing director, who was reportedly on a £300,000 salary, was forced to resign.  The Department for Education (DfE) confirmed that it was looking for a new sponsor for the 10 schools in question, and has not yet named the schools.

The charity will continue to run 24 state-funded school across England, but the loss of 10 schools is thought to be the biggest withdrawal of powers from an academy since the programme was established a decade ago. Two members of staff have also resiged.

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