Growing problems with the Academies programme

Downhills Strike HarrisDownhills Strike HarrisIf you listen to Michael Gove and some of the press you would think that the Academy programme has been an unbridled success. Yet the reality is that there is not a month that goes by without more problems hitting Academies and ‘Free’ Schools.

Below we list just some of the recent problems.


Jan-14 Kemnal Trust Head disappears over holidays, Weyfield Primary Parent Blog
Jan-14 Kings Science Link to Vice-Chair of Conservative Party Yorkshire Post
Jan-14 Woodard Trust Kings Priory Head leaves after one term BBC News
Jan-14 Woodard Trust Head resigns, Littlehampton Academy Littlehampton Gazette
Jan-14 Kings Science Academy Vice Chair of Conservative Party denies ever being Chair Telegraph & Argos
Jan-14 Grindon Hall Creationism row TES
Jan-14 Stem 6 Ballot over refusal to recognise union Southwark NUT
Dec-13 Priory Federation Police hand file to CPS on financial irregularities this is Lincolnshire
Dec-13 GEMS Education Chief Executive resigns over Barnfield investigation Luton Today
Dec-13 Salendine Nook High “Requires improvement” but before conversion “good” Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Dec-13 Chorley Career & 6th Form  Not opening after £211,821.43 spent on project This is Lancashire
Dec-13 Lancashire Schools Staff being made redundant as result of new academies Lancashire Telegraph
Dec-13 University CoE Academy Inadquate rating by Ofsted, following “satisfactory” Chester Chronicle
Dec-13 Greenwich Free School Head resigns after just over a year TES Connect
Dec-13 Bau Foundation/Mentora Peer quits over enquiry into fast tracking Local Schools Network
Dec-13 Academy 360 Without head for 2 years, given warning notice to improve Sunderland Echo
Dec-13  Barnfield Federation School pulls out of joining  Luton Today
Dec-13 Shirley High School Good as LEA school, requires improvement as academy Your local Guardian
Dec-13 Durham Free School Low student nos means costing £25,000/pupil The Northern Echo
Dec-13 Furness Academy Suspended head leaves, inadequate Ofsted North West Evening Mail
Dec-13 Nottingham 3 Academies deemed inadequate in short notice inspections BBC News
Dec-13 National Audit Office Report criticises £1.5 billion overspend on “free” schools BBC News
Dec-13 Overton Grange Con. Academy “inadequate”, previously “good” Ofsted
Dec-13 Luddendenfoot Academy con.Academy “requires improvement”, Ofsted
Nov-13 34 Academies Pre-warning letters to improve – 6 sponsors ‘sacked’ The Independent
Nov-13 Equitas Academies Trust prosecuted for Health and Safety – asbestos H & S Executive
Nov-13 Kings Science Academy Police investigating finances. TES
Nov-13 Kings Science Academy Fined for refusing to reinstate excluded pupil Yorkshire Post
Nov-13 Open Academy Sponsor resigns after years of Ofsted failure Eastern Daily Press
Nov-13 IES Breckland, US owned Cost of under occupied school Ipswich Star
Nov-13 IES Breckland, US owned Head “resigns” in follow up from staff being removed BrandonSuffolk
Nov-13 Harris Criticised for cutting SEN support at Roke Guardian
Nov-13 Academies generally restricted powers of EWOs leading to children missing school Unison
Nov-13 S. Leeds Academy Advertising for minimum/unqualified Maths teachers Leed City Council website
Nov-13 Barnfield Federation DfE investigating finances & exam results TES Connect
Nov-13 Basildon Academies 76 teachers leave in 2 years Basildon Recorder
Nov-13 Uni.of Chester CE Academy “Inadequate” report following “serious weaknsses” Ofsted
Nov-13 AET Head resigns – personal reasons Isle of Wight News
Nov-13 Bishop of Rochester Academy Pre warning letter – unacceptably low standards Government
Nov-13 Taunton Academy “Inadequate” -March 13 – not enough progress made Dec Ofsted
Nov-13 Al-Madinah Minister imposes new governance – Greenwood Dale TES Connect
Nov-13 Richard Rose Morton SM Ofsted following 3 years SW Ofsted
Oct-13 Academy chains 25 chains “agree” to pause further expansion Hansard
Oct-13 Al-Madinah Failed Ofsted, H&S concerns. Dysfunctional The Guardian
Oct-13 All Saints Academy Head resigns mid term – pressure of work Glos. Echo
Oct-13 Barnfield DfE & EFA investigating management & governance Bedfordshire on Sunday
Oct-13 Churchill Gardens Head leaves – ?bullied by Future The Guardian
Oct-13 Floreat Trust with no experience to run new academy Wandsworth Guardian
Oct-13 Harris Academy which banned slang made spelling mistakes Huffington Post
Oct-13 Kings Science Academy Financial irregularities Independent
Oct-13 Oasis Salford head quits beginning of term – poor Ofsted Manchester Evening News
Oct-13 Future ? 27 year old unqualified head leaves after 6 months The Guardian
Oct-13 IES Breckland, US owned 6 teachers removed over a few days James Hargrave
Oct-13 Lymm High School Head suspended, accusations of bullying, complaints by parents Warrington Guardian
Oct-13 Future 2nd head leaves The Guardian
Oct-13 AET Head resigns over exam results Andover Town
Oct-13 Oasis, Media City Head, Media City, resigns mid term Salford Star
Oct-13 DfE Checks on free school heads scaled back BBC News
Oct-13 Brook Learning Trust Confustion with Ebbsfleet Academy Kent Independent Ed.Advice
Oct-13 Kemnal Trust Warning notice issued re Bridgemary School Government
Oct-13 Berwick Academy con. Academy “requires improvement”, previously good Ofsted
Oct-13 Cottenham Village College con.Academy “requires improvement”, previously Ofsted
Sep-13 AET Chief Executive quits following criticism Schools Improvement net
Sep-13 Chatham Grammar Head gives 1 week notice – poor Ofsted BBC News
Sep-13 Wellington Academy Head resigns after poor results Local Schools Network
Sep-13 E-Act Crest Boys ‘Inadequate” Wembley Matters
Aug-13 Quintin Kynaston 25 members of staff leave Camden New Journal
Aug-13 West London Free School Head leaves after 2 years Linkedin
Jul-13 AET Excessive payments made to bosses The Guardian
Jul-13 JB Education Collapse of Swedish “free” school chain TES
Jul-13 Nishkam “Free” Ofsted deem is to need improvement, head leaves Alliance against Birmingham Academies
Jul-13 Woodard Kings Priory: private school has debts paid off by becoming academy blog
Jun-13 AETs Eston Park Head resign immediate affect – school not making progress Gazette Live
Jun-13 Woodard Merger with private school with £5m debt Chronicle Live
Jun-13 S.Leeds Academy “Inadequate” by Ofsted for 2nd time Ofsted
Jun-13 Chatham Grammar “Good” before conversion, “Inadequate” after Ofsted
May-13 E-Act Financial irregularities Daily Telegraph
May-13 Kings Science Academy Report by EFA on financial management Education Funding Agency
May-13 Quintin Kynaston Head resigns following expenses investigation Daily Mail
May-13 Quintin Kynaston Report by EFA on financial management Education Funding Agency
Apr-13 Academies generally NAO says academies overspent by £ 1 billion Guardian
Apr-13 Sir John Gleed School Con. Academy “Inadequate”, previously “good” Ofsted
Mar-13 AET Barred by DfE from further expansion On the Wight
Mar-13 E-Act Report by EFA on financial management Education Funding Agency
Mar-13 E-Act Notice to improve financial management Education Funding Agency
Feb-13 Rickmansworth Academy Finances probed Watford Observer
Jan-13 Basildon Academies Head of 6th form resigns after less than a year Echo
Jan-13 Bishop of Rochester Acad. Up to 30 staff sacked Kent on line
Jan-13 General taxpayer-funded academies paying £millions to private forms The Guardian
Jan-13 Newark ex Al Madinah head applies to open new school BBC News
Jan-13 Various Academies paying £millions to companies linked to directors Telegraph
Dec-12 Maharishi Free School Ex-private school fails to enter pupils for SATs BBC News
Dec-12 Denefield School Converter Academy “Inadequate”.  Satisfactory before conversion Ofsted
Nov-12 National Audit Office Academy heads paid too much Daily Telegraph
Sep-12 E-Act Leeds East Sudden resignation of head and chair of governors Yorkshire Evening Post
Apr-12 Priory Federation employing family members, financial irregularities and more Daily Mail
Jan-12 University Aca.of Birkenhead Principal and vice principal resign Wirral Globe
Nov-11 Marlowe Academy Still special measures Kent Independent Ed.Advice
Sep-11 Waterhead Academy Creationist head appointed after 2 heads resign in 2 years Oldham Chronicle
May-11 Bishop of Rochester Academy Head leaves; complaints by parents; student poor behaviour Medway Messenger
Jan-11 Canary Wharf College Criticised for failure to enrol FSM Mirror
Nov-10 Bishop of Rochester Academy Students protest at management medway messenger
Oct-10 Marlowe Academy Special Measures Kent Independent Ed.Advice
Sep-09 ULT Sheffield Springs fails Ofsted The Guardian
Mar-09 E-Act Misspending of money Daily Mail
Nov-08 Oasis Mayfield Head resigns after student riots S. Daily Echo
Nov-08 Oasis Media City 19 staff resign over time-tabling chaos Southern Daily Echo
Oct-08 Oasis Mayfield Students riot Southern Daily Echo
May-08 Unity City + Head asked to resign TES
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