Copland Strike again on Wednesday 3 July

Teaching staff at Copland Community School in Wembley will be on strike for the
second time on Wednesday 3rd July.
The school will be closed to pupils due to the action. There will be a picket line from
8.00 am in the morning. Then staff will be marching at 9.00, with parent, pupil and local
community support, to the new Brent Civic Centre in Engineers Way to call upon the
Labour led Council to stop assisting Michael Gove’s forced academy programme.
There will be an effigy of Gove which will be ceremoniously dumped in a dustbin (the
dustbin of history) and lots of Gove masks to make the point.
Jon Cox, Brent NASUWT Acting President, “Jon Cox, Brent NASUWT Acting
President said “ A programme of academisation is not about raising standards. It is
simply the imposition of a warped political ideology on state schools. Unequivocal
evidence that academies raise the quality of education simply does not exist. What
Copland needs is investment in both staff professional development and attractive
buildings which give pupils firstly, the decent working environment they deserve and
secondly, the message that every child matters”
Hank Roberts, Brent ATL Secretary and National President said, “Michael Gove’s
dismantling of state education and attempted abolition of parental choice in his forced
academies programme is treacherous. For this he should be put in the dustbin of history
where he and his policies belong”.
Jean Roberts, Joint Brent NUT Secretary said, “Forcing Copland to become an academy
is not the solution and won’t bring in the needed funds. How can any pupil learn
adequately in such an appalling building. There needs to be a new school building plan
agreed and begun as soon as possible in the autumn term.”

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