Academies do not help low achievers -new report

This report (Machin and Silva) provides damning new evidence that academies have not helped low-attaining pupils – the original reason given for introducing them. It shows (pp8-9) that improved attainment centers on higher attainers, and particularly on those in the 50th-80th percentile (i.e. average to quite high). It also cites research (Wilson 2011) which shows a 12.5% reduction in FSM pupils. It key conclusion is on p11:
‘But does autonomy work? And does it offer scope to improve the lot of disadvantaged students in the lower tail of the education distribution? Our conclusion is probably not, or at least not in England and in the case of Labour’s sponsored academies.’
Terry Wrigley

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This report backs up Terry Wrigley’s original research on this topic pages 13-16

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