Since the very well supported strike action on 23rd May, Copland Community School
staff in Wembley have set up an action group. On Thursday 13th June at a lively parents
meeting at the school parents decided to also set up an action group. They will be coordinating jointly to continue their opposition to the imposition of an Interim Executive
Board (IEB) and a forced academy.
Key demands are a secret ballot of all staff and parents before any decisions are made
and a commitment from the Government to rebuild the appalling school buildings that
the HMI said were not fit for purpose and adversely effected pupils’ education.
Parents and staff, as well as the Headteacher and Chair of Governors, were very
disappointed that neither Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of the Council and a Copland
school governor, nor Cllr Michael Pavey, Lead member for Education attended the
meeting despite claiming that parents views were important. No-one came from Brent
Children and Families either despite claiming to support the school and its Headteacher.
It was clear that the parents remain loyal to the school and are prepared to defend it.
Questions asked by Hank Roberts, ATL President in his letter to Labour Councillors at
the end of May (sent previously and see below) remain unanswered. The Unions and
Action Groups have also asked to meet with Michael Gove (see attached).
The joint unions are looking for another day of strike action before the end of term if
they cannot get agreement from the Local Authority and the DfE that Copland will not
be forced to become an academy.
Questions yet unanswered by Councillors
1) What actual educational evidence, other than Government propaganda, do you
have that turning a school into an academy improves teaching and learning?2) Why would you seek to ignore the Ofsted Report’s recommendation that there be
“an external review of Governance” at Copland, which is not an imposition of an
3) How do you answer the detailed points raised in the Chair of Governors letter,
written on behalf of the Governing Body, explaining what had been done and
crucial background information?
4) If Brent is claiming to be acting in the best interests of pupils’ education then will
you be asking the Governors to call a meeting of parents and carers to actually
establish their views, or do you intend to have no consultation with parents?
5) As the last IEB at Copland failed to overcome the school’s problems, what leads
you to believe, and what evidence do have, that it will succeed this time, especially
if the staff did not want to co-operate with this imposed undemocratic body with
no proper staff or parent representation?
6) Why would you and a Labour Council be acting to implement Gove’s policies and
do his ‘dirty work’ for him?

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