‘Forced Academy Farce’ in Salford

Salford Council’s meddling with Clarendon Road Primary School in Eccles has been slammed by Salford National Union of Teachers, as the ConDem Government is now forcing the school to become an academy.Last week, parents of children at Clarendon Road Primary School in Eccles were handed a letter from Head, Ros Munro, stating that the school “will become a sponsored academy; this is the usual practice for a school in an Ofsted category of Special Measures under government legislation”.The school was judged `inadequate‘ by Ofsted inspectors last September – a move heavily criticised by School Governors and trade unions, as most Year 5 and 6 pupils and their teachers were on a school trip during the inspectors visit.

Salford Council’s response to the verdict, asking the Government to impose an Interim Executive Board (IEB) made up of accountants and human resources people rather than great teachers or heads, was also slammed in an unprecedented press release by Governors…

“The lack of support by Salford Council and its lack of interest in working with governors is clear from the fact that they set in motion the application for an IEB before they had even seen the governing body’s action plan, and made no effort to share their own plans with the governors” (see previous Salford Star article – click here)

The result of the mess is that Michael Gove’s Department for Education is now forcing Clarendon Road Primary to become an academy – a move blamed partially on Salford Council by Judith Elderkin from the Salford branch of National Union of Teachers…

read full story in The Salford Star

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