Why are school choosing to become Academies?

There is huge political pressure for schools to convert. Government is using a ‘carrot and stick’ approach.
Schools in OFSTED categories can be forced. By raising the ‘floor targets’ Gove intends to force more schools (see our Forced Academies briefing). But other schools have a choice. Over half of secondary schools have chosen academy status, but only about 6% of primaries have done so.

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2 Responses to Why are school choosing to become Academies?

  1. kenyasue says:

    What are the policies on banning parents/carers from school premises in the first instance.Lets presume that parents have the right of entry by virtue of their children attending the establishment.If the school has clear signposting and user friendly policies also by human rights standards the right to a hearing to hear their side of things, all well and good. Schools need to be very mindful as (wednesbury)rules apply not to use such draconian measures as a form oppressive discrimination: Are the majority of banned Parents from protected groups? are they all women? what has been put in place to bring about understanding and cooperation and foster good relations?

  2. Michael Jurro says:

    In some cases they have no choice…its either the new branding or special measures and your out on your ear. Academies are now building free primary schools which means the structures are interchangeable.This means the added value of lucrative contracts no accountability to the parents and a lot of pressure on the students to deliver the hyped up outcomes. Academies do not report failure and it appears that Ofsted are biased towards their huge turn over of newly qualified staff. As we know tis is an indication of dissatisfaction and poor teaching quality. The students who cannot comply are placed in isolation rooms!! next stop prisons we need to organize and stop this exploitation

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