Gove must go!

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10 Responses to Gove must go!

  1. Emmanuel Tchinda Njoyo says:

    Gove must go.

  2. John Smith says:

    David Ross Academies info please.

  3. John Smith says:

    Hello Mr Gove!!!

  4. John Hasselgreen says:

    I do not want to send my children to a Gove school!

  5. Jonathan Gracey says:

    As a history teacher I have just seen the new requirements for KS3 history; It is nothing short of a prescriptive, bigoted vision of the development of ‘Great Britain’, copied from the timeline at the back of a 1950’s histroy of britain book. Any foreign history, apart from ‘the unique evil of the Holocaust’ (all the Germans fault you see), is cut out as is the incovienient debate about Ireland and imperialism. The man is a liability, and a danger to my subject. Get him out now!

  6. Fiona Barr says:

    i am a very specialist teacher focusing on Intensive Interaction and Sensory Processing. Gove shows no understanding of how children learn or how relationships and environment play such an important role in being in a calm and alert state in order to maximize learning.

  7. James King says:

    As a fairly new teacher I cannot imagine staying in a job that is held in such contempt by those in power. Why anyone would want to join our profession now is beyond me. Something needs to change starting with Gove.

  8. Naomi Collier says:

    Any attempt to take “Free schools” or academies out of the public sector must be resisted. With privatisation the public purse will subsidise private profits, just as the Tories are doing in the NHS. When will people realise that the motive here is not improved quality but private profit at the expense of tax payers.

  9. Neil Moffatt says:

    I very strongly suspect that the privatisation agenda has been there from the very start when Adonis created the first Academy. That Twigg is not reacting to the news is an indication of alignment with the Tories on this matter I feel. Andrew Adonis in “Education ,Education, Education” glibly presents ‘sponsors’ as benign philanthropists, but car dealers and carpet salesmen are some of the hardest nosed business men. As detached from education and in appropriate as owners of schools as you might choose.

    The privatisation agenda has recently revealed itself as the ‘preferred’ sponsor Harris Federation is not only a high Tory donor and ‘friend’ of Cameron, but advises the DfE on schols to ‘target’ next. As incestuous a situation as this warrants a public inquiry.

    I advocate a public inquiry.

  10. Ann Jones says:

    Gove is destroying equality of opportunity with his rigid and narrow ideas about education. He has no experience of being an educator and I find it frankly disgusting that the ill-thought-out whims of one man can be turned into policy and pushed through without proper consultation. We clearly have a major problem with our democracy – there is huge opposition to Gove on the ground but utter complicity from the media, who also have no experience of education and, seemingly, cannot be bothered to interview the public and professionals about what is going on.

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