Anti Academies Alliance AGM 16 March

The Anti Academies Alliance Annual General Meeting will take place on 16 March from 2 pm in Central London.
This will give us a chance to renew the attack on Gove. His u-turn on the Ebacc has weakened him and other blunders and leaks are coming to light. Come to the AGM and discuss how we can finish him off. Revelations that he is to attempt to privatise the entire academy system must be fought.

AGM from 2-5pm Hughes Parry Hall, Chancellors Room, 19-26 Cartright Gardens, London WC1H 9EF

Speakers invited from Downhills, Roke, Thomas Gamuel and Gladstone Park campaigns

Downhills film will be shown

Nominations for steering committee members are invited by 5pm Wednesday 13th March

Motions can be tabled by Weds 13th March by 5pm.

Nominations and motions to

To register for the AGM please complete the form below:

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2 Responses to Anti Academies Alliance AGM 16 March

  1. Lorna Dunleavy says:

    My son’s school, Newbold Riverside Primary became an academy on 1.11.2012. Year 5 children have been told that if the results of their mock SATS tests are unsatisfactory, they will have to work through their breaks and take extra work home with them. The children receive 30 minutes of music tuition each week. Thirty guitars that were in school have disappeared. the music tutor told me that the priority in school has changed. Lorna Dunleavy

  2. Therese O'Meara says:

    I will be there 16th March. Will keep comments for meeting

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