Save Chorlton School Campaign grows on eve of crunch meeting

Support for the campaign to stop Chorlton High School ‘converting’ to an Academy is growing.


All three councillors from the Chorlton ward have come out against the proposal for the school to leave the local Authority and become an Academy.


Conservative Education minister Michael Gove wants to expand the Academy program.


John Leech, the¬†Lib Dem MP where the school is located said, ‘for the record I am against the school becoming an Academy.’


Labour Councillors are also opposed to the Academy plan.


‘I do not think there is a need for Chorlton High School to become an Academy.’ Cllr Sheila Newman


‘I have never been a fan of Academies,’ Cllr Matt Strong, who took the seat from the Lib Dems in 2011.


Other Labour Cllrs have signed the petition opposing the Academy plan.


All the trades unions are opposed. The teachers unions, the NUT and the NASUWT, and the staff union UNISON.


300 people have now signed the petition ‘opposing the conversion to Academy status’.


Parents and campaigners have been collecting names on the streets and also at the school gates of the primary schools where not every parent has been ‘consulted’ about changes that will affect their own children’s education.


Tuesday’s Governors meeting at the school will decide on what to do.


At 7pm the Governors meeting starts. Anti Academies campaigners will be asking to address the meeting.


Join the Lobby of the Chorlton High School Governors. Come and join the lobby at 6.30pm: Chorlton High School, Nell Lane, Chorlton M21 9FA

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