Chorlton High School Parents Oppose Privatisation of their School

Press Release


UNISON, NUT, NASUWT and the Anti Academies Alliance support the call by parents at Chorlton High School for a community ballot over the

privatisation of their school.


Trade Unions and the Anti Academies Alliance were invited by the Chorlton Parents Action Group, a group who are opposed to their successful school being privatised to a public meeting on 8th March 2012. Parent after parent publicly voiced their concern over the transparency of the consultation being conducted by the Governors of the School.


The meeting agreed that the Governors, who should be representing the views of the parents and the community, should be open and transparent and questioned in whose interest is it and why the School needs to be an Academy and called for the Community to decide the future of their school by allowing democracy to take place and hold a ballot.


The Trade Unions and the anti Academies Alliance voiced support to their campaign and congratulated parents and the community in standing up for democracy and actively opposing the Academy drive.


Keith Bradley, UNISON’s lead on schools said:


“ The trade unions in Manchester welcome the community support against the privatisation of Chorlton High School and will continue offering support to the community”


The unions will offer support and advice to the parents of Chorlton and will enter into talks with their members at the school highlighting the importance of Community Action.


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