Monday 6 February 2012

What’s happening at OASIS MediaCity Academy?

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In December staff at OASIS MediaCity Academy took several days of strike action in response to 13 job losses being rushed through before Xmas.


The jobs lost included:


Re (Head of dept)
PE (Head of boys PE)
Humanities (Head of year)

Attendance (Non teaching post)
Textiles (Assistant Head teacher)

PE and vocational (Assistant Head teacher)
ICT and maths (Assistant Head teacher)

English (Head of Year)


OASIS claimed that they couldn’t afford to keep the staff on.


Since Xmas OASIS have been advertising a new set of posts:


Head of Maths

Mainscale English

Head of English

1 Teaching Assistant

6 Internships


With such a huge turnover of staff you have to wonder how the pupils are coping with the instability.

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  1. Jenny said:

    What caught my eye was the SIX internships. Next the DFE will be promoting exemption from National Minimum Wage legislation as a selling point for Academy status. P.S. I’m a new reader.

    9 February 2012 at 11:13am

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