Academies falling below the ‘floor target’

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Academies falling below the ‘floor target’


The government have set 35% 5A*-Cs with English and Maths (or equivalent) as the floor target for all schools. In other  words, below this schools become ready targets for compulsory conversion to academies.


Nationally, 1 in 34 maintained secondary schools are below the floor.

For academies, the ratio is 1 in 7. (If  selective schools such as former grammar schools are omitted from the calculation, it is around 1 in 6.) So proportion academies are five times as likely to fall ‘below floor’ than other schools.


In the context of June 2011 results, the Department for Education data includes as academies those opened by mid September 2010. It is reasonable to argue that it is unfair to judge the success of academies when they have only been open for a year. The problem is, the ratio is roughly the same when we look at academies open for longer.


Of 269 open 1 or more years          39 below floor, or 1 in 7

Of 184 open 2 or more years          26 below floor,  1 in 7

Of 120 open 3 or more years          17 below floor,  1 in 7

Of 76 open 4 or more years                        8 below floor,  1 in 9

Of 44 open 5 or more years                        6 below floor,  1 in 7

Of 27 open 6 or more years                        3 below floor,  1 in 9

Of 17 open 7 or more years                        2 below floor,  1 in 8

Of 12 open 8 or more years                        2 below floor, 1 in 6

Of 3 open 9 or more years              1 below floor,  1 in 3


Clearly it doesn’t matter how long schools are open as academies, this doesn’t protect them from falling below the government’s ‘floor target’.


Some of these schools have been bouncing on the bottom for years. Perhaps they should be closed as academies and re-opened as community comprehensive schools.?




Terry Wrigley (3 Feb 2012)

(See also Research Note on Equivalents, which shows that many more academies would fall below ‘floor’ but for their excessive use of ‘equivalent’ qualifications.)

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