Academy figures for January 2012

The latest government figures for academies, released on 6th January, show that 1529 schools are now academies.

50 academies opened in December, of which 17 were primary school.

56% of secondary schools are not academies – 1767

96% of primary schools are not academies – 15053

Click here for breakdown by Local Authority

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1 Response to Academy figures for January 2012

  1. Steve White says:

    I have to be honest here. I am very worried that 44% of secondary schools have become academies. We have lost the battle in some areas where all the secondary schools are academies. However, we still have a lot to fight for and a lot is at stake. If more than half the secondary schools go I think we can be certain that Gove will target all the primaries with a lot more vigor. In fact, we are starting to see this with Downhills and the forced Primary Schools in Haringey. That is why we must win the battle over the forced academies in that borough.

    We need hundreds of people on the streets on 28th January because we can force the Tory ideologue to retreat if we reverse his agenda here. We then need to go on the offensive and publicise the 8 failed academies around the country to highlight that academies do not, as if by magic, succeed when they replace LA schools.

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