130 at Save Montgomery School meeting

130 parents, staff, pupils and supporters were at the Save Montgomery School public meeting in Sparkbrook, Birmingham on Thursday 26th January.

The speakers at the meeting were Javed Khan from the Montgomery parents campaign, Roger Godsiff MP, Kevin Courtney, NUT deputy general secretary, Brian Cookson NASUWT national treasurer, Roger Jenkins GMB, Richard Hatcher from the Alliance Against Birmingham Academies. Every speaker who talked about the school belonging to the community, not Gove or the LA or the headteacher was well received. Speakers pointed out that the GCSE results make it clear that academies are not proven to succeed, and that they are entirely untested in primary schools.

The speakers congratuled the parents campaign for their work so far, including handing in a 700 strong petition. The staff at the school have talen 2 days of strike action against the proposed academy.

There was a lively debate following the speakers. Speakers from other schools argued that the LA had failed the community and they wanted their school to become an academy. Parents and campaigners responded by pointing out that the community representation on the school governing bodies will be reduced and that many academy governors have no previous relationship with the school.

The campaign at Montgomery school is far from over and parents and campaigners left the meeting determined to save Montgomery school.




Video of the rest of the speeches is being uploaded


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7 Responses to 130 at Save Montgomery School meeting

  1. Dr D Simones Jones says:

    It does seem that very few if any, of our Political Leaders in Birmingham families use Birmingham’s educational system, maybe that is why there is a lack of caring about Academies.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if our representatives were locally based instead of London based .

  2. Dr D Simones Jones says:

    It is sad that it seems the total opposition to Academies seems to have collapsed. Birmingham’s Political leaders seem to be more interested in arguing over whether we have an elected Mayor than the decaying educational system; why the sudden silence; have our children’s education suddenly become of such little interest ?

  3. Dr David Simones Jones says:

    Only today the Leader of the Labour Party was talking about making the Labour Party honest straight forward ect the we find our MP was riding two horses over the Moseley school affair, why the change of heart, could it be something to do with a change of Government, my views are still the same whether the Government is Labour Conservative Lib Dem Alliance or Monster raving looney party; theres a word for that its called ethics 7 honesty, but well I am a Tribunite we still hold the standards set by our founder Nye Bevan

  4. Dr David Simones Jones says:

    Sadly when my fellow campaigners & myself fought not only to stop Moseley becoming a federated school we thought Roger Godsiff was supporting us too. However we obtained a copy of the IEB minutes & it became clear he had been supporting Federation of the School all the time. I am a member of the Labour Party so it is with disappointment that I make these comments but I am one of the few that put honesty & my community before my politics.

  5. Dr David Simones Jones says:

    Sadly when my fellow campaigners & myself fought not only to stop Moseley becoming a federated school we thought Roger Godsiff was supporting us too. H

  6. Ifran Mahmood says:

    @Dr David Simon Jones.
    We as parents at the school do appreciate that Roger is supporting our cause as
    Many repersentatives are quite. We did ask Roger to support us and he has and for that we do appreciate. Before he took his stance on Montgomery he did take on board our views and worries. On the other hand we have Victoria Quinn who is OUR elected councillor and is ment to be OUR voice. How has she consulted the parents before she cast her vote as an LEA governor? How has she answered the 793 signed petition? Is she there for us ur herself? Why did she not even turn up to the Public meeting as other governors did and councillors? Quite clearly she is not capeable of being anserable to her decisions or she would of had the decentcy to be there. At least Roger turned up to stand shoulder to shoulder with the parents for whatever some thought of him. Well done Roger

  7. Dr David Simones Jones says:

    Montgomery School must not be allowed to follow Moseley School, clearly Roger Godsiff supported the idea for Moseley School to become a foundation school as highlighted by the IEB minutes, he claimed to support my group which was opposed to its change of status, just as he claims to be opposed to academies now.

    He proved last night to be unaware of what was happening both at Anderton Road School & the rest of his constituency, this meeting showed how unpopular he is with his constituents & how out of touch he is with ordinary folk, shame the u tube video did not show more of the meeting.

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