Montgomery Primary school strikes against academy proposal

Teachers, support staff and parents picketed Montgomery Primary school in Birmingham on Tuesday morning against the proposal to turn their school into an academy.

60 people joined the picket line. NASUWT, NUT and GMB members were on strike and the school was closed.

The school is in one of the most deprived areas in Birmingham and is one of the schools that has been told it is on Michael Gove’s list of ‘underperforming’ schools. In reality, like most of the schools being targeted, it is an improving school working in difficult conditions.

The mood on the picket line was fantastic. Staff and parents stood together in determination to save their school. Popular children’s songs were re-worded to include opposition to academies – see videos at the bottom of this report.

At a meeting after the picket parents complained that the school had given parents little information. Some felt that the assumption was that they were not unable to understand, so they didn’t need to know. The head is organising meetings with sponsors including ARK. People at the meeting wondered what Hedge Fund managers might know about the education of the children in Sparkbrook.

The parents at the meeting took the opportunity to get organised. There is a leaflet planned to go into the school on Wednesday. This will be in several languages. Other initiatives include a ballot to be conducted at the gate as they did at Colley Lane primary, a lobby of the next governors meeting and a public meeting.

The staff agreed that they are prepared to take more strike action to save the school.

A vote was taken at the meeting and everyone voted to oppose the academy proposal.


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13 Responses to Montgomery Primary school strikes against academy proposal

  1. Mickey Gove says:

    DRET are fab!

  2. Mike Oates says:

    What are DRET (David Ross Educational Trust) like as an academy sponsor?

  3. SK says:

    That because Asian parent prefer nearly school and not thinking about thier children. That school is not support and not good education. I notice al the children ate bad very bad behaviour and not respect it same as the teacher are not nice and not support. That school is bad!

  4. fatso says:

    say no tawards the academy keep it up children teachers and parents

  5. Ashraf says:

    great turnout guys even though it was freezing and wet but well worth it. keep up the resistance at montey

  6. javed khan says:

    Hi there my 3 children go to montgomery school i am very concerned about there future. Hands off montgomery school and say no to the academy. Well done to the teachers, parents and to everyone else who supported us in the strike action.Long may it continue and make parents more aware of what is going on.We the community have got a big say in what happens in our school.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK UNTILL THEY BACK DOWN MANY THANKS.

  7. Hodan says:

    well done to all who came and suport lets all keep saying(hands off Montgomery)

  8. Anis Ali says:

    I strongly agree and support all the above comments, and I think it’s time to stand-up hands in hand and say no to who every is seeking to divide us as a community. Keep up the good work Sparkbrook.

  9. Saira says:

    It was amazing to see so many people supporting one ideology ‘Hands Off Montgomery school’. I am a parent and was not informed of the pros and cons . The head has played a devious game for personal gain. Sparkbrook wake up to this call and make a difference. Come to all the meetings when and where possible inshallah.

  10. Halima Iqbal says:

    I agree that Montgomery school shouldn’t become an academy.
    Well Done To All The Supporters Todai.
    We Will Continue The FIGHT and stay UNITED!!!

  11. hooda shaikh says:

    Azhar I agree with u…
    We need to keep fighting and work together as a TEAM (together everyone achieves more) …we need to do what is best for the children and our community…well done to all the people who came this morning to support us..u should all be very proud of yourself .

  12. Shaz Mansha says:

    Thank you to everybody who supported the staff during the strike today, the children, the staff, the unions and especially the parents and members of the community. A special thanks to David from the NUT for his efforts and for giving the staff such fantastic support!We will continue the fight and stay united!

  13. Azhar Islam says:

    I don’t think the case of Academies is well founded, there is no definitive proof that a schools performance is enhanced by having an academy status.

    There needs to be a proper debate between all the stakeholders before any decisions are made and I totally support the staff and parents for opposing the change in status proposed by the Montgomery school management team. It has been done in an underhanded way.

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