Anti Academies Alliance Annual General Meeting

Anti Academies Alliance

Annual General Meeting

Saturday 14th January, 1pm – 4pm

Chancellors Room, Hugh Parry Hall 19-26 Cartwright Gardens London WC1H 9EF


Introduction by : Melissa Benn, author of School Wars & Alasdair Smith, national secretary Anti Academies Alliance

There will be sessions on Forced academies, Labour and academies and ‘Free’ schools.

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2 Responses to Anti Academies Alliance Annual General Meeting

  1. Robert M Goodman says:

    To use the name change Acadmey for so called failing state Schools
    ia an insult to the long standing professional “Academies” e.g.
    Military, Naval, Art,Science, Music stc.etc.

    When will the stupid politicians learn that you cannnot change the
    ethos of any school. failing or otherwise by a simple change of name

    You can only do that by a well qualified head teacher and supporting
    teaching staff backed up by a high standard of discipline throughout
    a school.

    The Education a Secretary, has no idea’s of his own but attempts to
    copy the very successful educucational systems of Europe and
    America, that is why we in England, are at the bottom of the educational league tables.

    Leave our Education in the hands of professionals and remove it
    from policians.

    Robert M Goodman
    Former. Vice Chair of School Governors(Bolton)

  2. George Low says:

    I am a former parent governor of Hampton Community College which is now Hampton Academy owned and run by Kunsskapskolan, the Swedish organization. All the schools in the area are now getting sixth forms which is going to cost £40m. They are also setting up a new Catholic school. Meanwhile, the local tertiary college is going bust. This does not make educational or economic sense and is a complete waste of public money – our money.

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