Newquay Tretherras Academy to sell land to Tesco?

Newquay Tretherras Academy are proposing to sell a plot of their site to Tesco and a 60,000 sq ft supermarket could be built on the site.

In a press release from the school, Tesco Corporate Affairs Manager, Emma Heesom, said: “We are still in discussion with Newquay Tretherras, and are excited about how this potential agreement could give the school the opportunity to make significant improvements to their learning environment.”

The site includes the lower junior school, the Hexagon Theatre and Happy Days Nursery. There is a local campaign against the proposal

This is an example of the impact that a school becoming an Academy can have, with land and buildings sold off to developers, and school development dependent on the good will of multinational businesses.

News item from December 2011

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4 Responses to Newquay Tretherras Academy to sell land to Tesco?

  1. Chris Tedstone says:

    To encourage progress within Cornwall I believe that the funding Tesco have given to the school will be used wisely to help the education of the future. The land sold off must have been expendable or worth the loss for the financial gain that the government can not afford. I strongly urge the people of Newquay upset my this so named “prostitution” to see the bigger picture here. The introduction of new jobs to the area, the recognition of a giant in Tesco that Newquay has a potential customer base for the investment and the future and financial gain that the school itself will have are all surely purely beneficial to ALL of those directly and only positively affected. I personally can not wait for the doors to open because i’m fed up with traveling to Wadebridge or poole to shop at a decent and well catered supermarket. It’s about bloody time Newquay had a positive development without seasonally affected employment. This is a no brainer people, suck it up this is GOOD!

  2. Mr Mick Fenner says:

    All school sportsfields MUST remain as sportsfields or anything that gives sports education and participation in it.

    Keep all private buisiness out of Schools which includes any one religous faith over another.

  3. Howard Newlove says:

    Tretherras is prostituting itself at the expense of the local community whose taxes originally paid for the school site.
    Tesco talks about broadening the retail choice in Newquay – by destroying the independent traders of Chester Road !
    “More jobs will be created” says Emma Heeson of Tesco. Studies by the Retail Consortium show that fewer than 10% of new supermarkets add to overall employment but instead destroy existing jobs.

  4. Ian Williams says:

    As a local resident I have been absolutely disgusted by the action of the school. The school became a Foundation School in January 2009. The justification for this was to stop the LA from selling land. Low and behold less than two years later the school are in talks with the highest bidder – Tesco’s. The school have refused to engage with the local community and are selling community land as quickly as possible. Chester Road shopping area is the last area of local shops in the town. The building of this will cause the closure of this area!

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