AAA unwelcomes Betsy DeVos,Trump’s Secretary for Education, at the DfE today!

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Support these parents!

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Campaigning Against Academisation Saturday 16th June

Great to have Vix Lothian (Green Party education spokesperson) and Prof. Anne West (LSE) co-author with David Woolfe of ‘Academies, the school system in England and a vision for the future’ (published last week and showing academies to have fewer freedoms than LA schools), speaking at this event on Saturday (Labour Party invited to speak).

Together with speakers from from campaigns like the successful ones in Newham, this should be a positive and forward-looking conference that will suggest ways in which we can continue the fight against academisation and halt the destruction that it has wreaked on our education system.




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Protest Betsy DeVos visit on Wednesday, June 13th

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Don’t buy booze, funding agency tells Mats

The government is clamping down on academy trusts buying alcoholic drinks or excessive gifts with public money.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency has highlighted the purchase of alcohol as an example of “irregularity and impropriety” which have come to light during its investigations of academy trusts.

Its new Academy Accounts Direction (AAD) warns that alcohol and excessive gifts are now classed as irregular expenditure and will be seen as not using public money “for the purpose it was intended.”

TES article here

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