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We end the summer term as the Education & Adoption Bill makes its way through Parliament.  Key features of the bill include the forced academisation …


Last week the Anti Academies Alliance received an anonymous letter by post to our PO Box regarding the Upper Norwood Harris Academy. It makes some very serious allegations regarding Ofsted.

Clive Lewis AAA meeting

The Anti-Academies Alliance (AAA) are delighted to announce that their new patron is the MP for Norwich South, Clive Lewis.
Clive is a well established broadcast journalist and was previously BBC eastern region’s chief political reporter. He is a seasoned campaigner who used his maiden speech in the House of Commons to speak out passionately against the forced academisation of Hewett School…

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Join us at the Houses of Parliament to oppose the new Education Bill, Monday 22nd June 6pm

Ahead of the release of the government’s new Education Bill, education secretary Nicky Morgan has defended plans to turn more schools into academies, at a faster rate. Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, argues that the move will not benefit pupils.

The education secretary Nicky Morgan has launched a bill designed to sweep away any obstacles when as many as 1,000 “struggling” schools convert to academies. It is designed to prevent appeals and reviews, and will impose a new duty on councils and governing bodies, whatever they believe is best for their children, to actively support the change to academy status.


The Tories believe they have the wind in the sails. Morgan’s announcement of a new Education Bill is pure Gove: More “failure”, more blame, more academies, and more privatisation.


When Nicky Morgan took over from Michael Gove there was a sigh of relief from schools across England when she said she was not a forcing type of person. But her first education bill could force hundreds of headteachers on to the scrap heap and their schools into multi academy chains.


The announcement over the weekend that Nicky Morgan will speed up the process to make schools that are ‘coasting’ into academies, is an about face for the Education secretary. She has previously said that the academy model is not the only model that succeeds. Yet now the message is: “Academies are a ‘better kind’ of school than local authority ones”.


As well as legal action, there has been a huge movement in the US against Pearson and their involvement in high stakes testing. In some schools over 50% of parents have refused to allow their children to be tested. One leading financial magazine recently asserted “Standardized testing seems to many to have become the goal of education, rather than a means of implementing it”.


  • john jordan says: I live next to an academy and since it’s conversion we have had nothing but problems from it....
  • well wisher says: all of the above is true. watch the storm brewing….
  • carol says: if camorons behind something you can bet hes doing it for financial gain. never trust a career...
  • Nairb says: The sponsor which will take over the school in September is being handed a gift and will no doubt claim...
  • John Hobson says: Why is it OFSTED visits so many academies when Year 11 and 13 are missing. Pure coincidence...

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